About Us


 Flavor In. Snack On.

A snack with two sides - the tasty kick of infused spices and the feel-good benefits of plant-based natural ingredients. That’s what you get with SPLITZ, the unmistakably crunchy split pea crisps that are made to be munched by the handful. How? Well, the ridiculously great flavor’s a start - a blend of spices my mother used in her own split pea snacks that I grew up devouring.

Then there’s the healthy side, thanks to fiber and protein found in 100% yellow split peas(plant-based). And it doesn’t hurt that each gluten-free bag of SPLITZ is completely GMO-free. Line ‘em up next to potato/corn snacks, pretzels and you’ll see how SPLITZ stands a little stronger, sounds a little crunchier and tastes a whole lot better.

Put ‘em in your hand and they won’t leave a trace, because the delicious tastes of SPLITZ are infused right into each crisp. We put the flavor in, so you can snack on. I’m proud to bring this unique snack to you.

Michael Sukhram (Founder)